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Our Church Home!

We are excited to announce our new location for Freedom's Way Baptist Church:

17739 Sierra HWY, Canyon Country, CA 91351

Why we're here...


Freedom’s Way Baptist Church is here to encourage the saints, equip the saints, and to evangelize the sinner. Our objective is to have a positive, biblical impact both locally (Santa Clarita) and globally (the world).


We are local body of baptized believers called to make a difference. Will you join us and help to make a difference both locally and globally?


What’s In  A Name?

I get a lot of questions regarding the name of our church, Freedom’s Way. It’s a bit unusual, but that is precisely what I was striving for. About twelve years ago, I was driving to a preachers meeting with another pastor friend of mine and he asked me what I was going to call the church once we formally began to meet. I had mentioned that I wanted to incorporate the love of country with my love for the Lord, and hence, Freedom’s Way was born. After all, the only true freedom one can have is by embracing the “Way, the Truth, and the Life,” Jesus Christ and Him crucified.


Jerry R. Cook

Pastor of Freedom's Way Baptist Church


Phone: (661) 714-5650

Supporting Missions Around the World

Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:"  Here at FWBC we believe that it is the duty of the local church to support missions both globally and locally. We count it a privilege to support the following missionaries shown here on our world map.


Mouse over the location to see the missionary names.

Find Us On:

Pastor Jerry R. Cook    |    17739 Sierra Hwy, Canyon Country, CA 91351    |    661.714.5650    |

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